Counting Stuff in Excel

This topic is one that often baffles spreadsheet users. As beginners, our first priorities are learning to set up and format a spreadsheet but, eventually, there comes a time when we actually want to know how many times a particular value occurs. If we run a supermarket, someone might ask “how many different types of dairy product do we stock?” You know the information is there, on the stock list, but how can you get it out efficiently?

Visit this page to discover how to use the status bar for simple counts, averages and other numerical data values, and also how to use the COUNTIF function to count those elusive text data items.


Filtering and Sorting Data in Excel

You can make simple spreadsheets to keep records of stock, to add up figures, or to track household expenses. But, actually, spreadsheets are powerful tools, and you can do much more if you know a few simple skills. For me, some of the most useful techniques are filtering and sorting your data. Visit this page to discover how to do it.